Duwap Kaine, DolphinGod

Before changing how a wave of rappers rapped, before dropping his SoundCloud classic Underdog at the age of 16, before walking in smelly traps and remixing Spongebob songs and mesmerizing every online teenager with an ear to the orange, Duwap Kaine was a literal child who rapped under the name DolphinGod. Now, thanks to some … Read more

It’s 2021 and I can’t stop listening to PLUGG

Where were you the first time you heard “Broke Boi”? For me, Playboi Carti’s entrance on that song paired with producer MexikoDro’s seismic drop opened the doors to a world of online music. Carti, Warhol.ss, Uno, Fauni and, of course, the BeatPluggz producer collective. Back then, their beats sounded like nothing else. Blown-out, blissed-out collisions of Atlanta … Read more