Premiere: AyooLii and Tombo – “hex”

They’ve formed the group Nailed It with Milwaukee artists MKE Neely and tommy electra, and they’ve got an album on the way.

AyooLii, Tombo, MKE Neely and tommy electra are Nailed It.

Milwaukee rap fans wya? Today we’re premiering the video for “hex,” by a new group from the city called Nailed It.

If you fuck with the scene at all and peruse the Rap Internet you’ve probably heard of AyooLii. There’s no one more unpredictable in rap right now. Earlier this week, in the wee hours of the morning, he dumped a great mixtape on SoundCloud with producer ThatGuyEli called 2:54 AM that blended the city’s slamming lowend sound with heartfelt Auto-Tune balladry. By the next day, he’d already deleted it. (The No Bells Investigations Unit is working diligently on restoring this gem.)

Today, Lii is on to the next thing. He’s forming a new collective with the artists Tombo, MKE Neely and tommy electra. They call themselves Nailed It. They make their own beats and shoot their own videos. And if you’re already a Lii fan, you may have caught a glimpse of their work with the floaty tracks “Lana Del Ray” and “Rickies.”

Nailed It answers the question, “What if a bunch of young people with wide, genre-hopping taste made lowend music?” They each bring their own flavor to the sound. Tombo used to play in bands and make emo music, MKE Neely is a veteran of the rap scene, and tommy electra traffics in dance music and hyperpop.

“hex” is their latest offering, out now on our Youtube channel. Over a grey, morose palette that feels like an update of emo rap sonics, Tombo and Lii reminisce on the binds of old love. Tombo’s flat affect is the perfect foil to Lii’s explosive crooning: “All because of herrrrr I’ve been throwing up.” It’s a perfect punch of emo drill, and a just a taste of what’s to come. The city’s underground is in good hands.

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