We’re making a magazine

The classic pivot to print.

Art by Tyler Farmer.

Surprise: we’ve decided to take the blog to the physical realm. No Bells Magazine #1 is coming to an online store/bookshop/record store/*whoever will let us sell this thing* near you later this year. Same focus, underground music, but hopefully a million times cooler. We’ll continue to post on the blog the next few months, but likely at a slower rate as we redirect our attention to learning how to make a print magazine in the decade of Streaming and Short Form Content.

The theme of this edition is ORIGINATORS and we’re currently accepting pitches. We’re looking for:



Reported pieces

Photography/visual art

Weird essays 

Games (crosswords, word searches, etc)

Email your pitches/ideas to mano@nobells.blog and millan@nobells.blog with the subject “MAGAZINE PITCH:” followed by a quick headline. Rates start at $100.

Pitches due by FEBRUARY 7.

Pitches should:

Be concise.

Reflect your voice, curiosity and personality.

Have more intention beyond “I wanna interview so-and-so because he’s hot right now.”

Include some prior work if you haven’t contributed to No Bells before.

Please hit me or Millan up if you have any questions. Thanks and have fun with it!

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