NTS April 2024: Best Rap of 2024 (so far)

Music is still good.

Photo from Amsterdam.

Believe it or not I sometimes actually do the NTS show myself. This month I decided to loosely mix some of my favorite rap songs of the year so far. Extremely incomplete (my apologies to the DMV Rap Scene and Swapa and Chief Keef/Mike-Will and and and) but it’s a glimpse at how I’ve been hearing 2024. I’m almost certain some of these are technically from 2023 but whatever I was just going off vibes!! Listen here.



LAZER DIM 700 – “Speed racin”

Lisha G – “Get Silly”

PradaBagShawty – “Fun Guy”

Boofpaxkmooky – “Wells Fargo / Backroom remix”

cashjunko – “Bangman coming to get you !?!”

Bloody! – “wtf is luv”

Bloody! – “Possessed My Fans”

Serane – “Ok coo!”

Osamason – “Rehhab”

egobreak & Lucy Bedroque – “turning point”

AyooLii – “talkalot”

Eem Triplin – “Stephanie”

Lbf Jay – “And I”

Los – “Above The Law”

MIKE & Tony Seltzer – “Underground Kingz”

quinn – “final fantasy”

kuru – “im trying”

xaviersobased & Yhapojj – “UToldMeIWasAFuckUpGirl”

FearDorian – “Raining In Brooklyn”

Babyxsosa & tana – “MIA BAE”

Cash Cobain & Bay Swag – “Fisherrr”

GIP – “L’Argent”

wildkarduno – “Choose My Fate”

xaviersobased – “fuck the city up”

J.P. – “Bad Bitty”

TyFontaine – “Adventure Time (racks on my body)”

Maajins – “pack @ night”

Smokingskul – “mondo burger”

HOOK – “On The Radar Freestyle”

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