This might be rap’s unlikeliest trio right now

Polo Perks, FearDorian and AyooLii’s new song “Ricky Eats Acid” is glorious.

Harlem rapper Polo Perks, 29, posted his first-ever song in 2011 when Atlanta rapper-producer FearDorian, 17, was still learning how to read. Alongside Milwaukee spark plug AyooLii, 23, they form an unlikely trio fueled by handclaps and hijinks. By blending lowend vigor and indie sentimentality, their new song “Ricky Eats Acid” sounds like the precipice of summer.

The music Polo Perks has been making since the turn of the decade flips the whole “sample snitching” taboo on its head. By openly crediting his source material, Polo treats sample choices like golden ribbons on his sash of artistry. On “Ricky Eats Acid,” FearDorian rewires the clunky wistfulness of Teen Suicide into sweat-dripping, twerk circle foolery. The howling echoes and acoustic strings of lead singer Sam Ray sound gleefully juvenile atop Dorian’s layers of playful percussion.

What makes it work so well is the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Like a Pavlovian response to those handclaps, AyooLii gets right to talking about serving grams and getting smacked in his quick verse. And on the hook, Polo huffs “I got now, fuck who next” in this nursery-rhyme cadence that solidifies the feeling: This is the shit that plays when the kid who snuck his bong into summer camp pulls it out while the counselors are gone.

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