Tittygang’s “Bajablast” is extremely based

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We like a lot of music here at No Bells. Sometimes, we like it so much we wanna platform it. Here’s our first ever song premiere, by an Atlanta artist who belongs on your radar. YouTube tastemaker arc begins now. – Mano Sundaresan

BASED: A term coined by Lil B that’s often used to express when something is meta-ironic. Or in layman’s terms: internet content that could be read as serious or ironic, but is undeniably transcendent. “Bajablast” by Tittygang, video by Maxx Jamez, walks this definition’s line–it is seriously ironic

Atlanta residents Maxx and Titty are each multimedia artists in their own right, who exist within the sprawling Popstar FM universe—the south’s finest creative think tank. The two of them are stylistically fluid inventors who rep the same BASED ethos that Lil B pioneered, which later flowered out of Atlanta’s Awful Records camp. Maxx and Titty, however, are spinning a wider web with the BASED spirit than their predecessors, applying it to a range of mediums.   

Titty, otherwise known as DivineDevine, has floated through the Atlanta music scene for a number of years, singing mainly, and rapping on occasion. She is also a host on LSD Film’s In Da Streets” curbside-interview series, where she tweaks around the city with a microphone talking to passerbys outside of events. For her most formidable project, Titty is the lead singer of 2oo7, an alt-R&B duo with multi-instrumentalist Shai Nowell, who I wrote about here.

Maxx runs a YouTube channel, cats and beans, and has released skits, a sick-ass skate vid, an infographic video, whatever the hell this is, and “GO DEMARCUS: The Documentary.” The latter is he and his team’s most audacious venture yet. The cats and beans crew drove out to Lake Charles, Louisiana, to shine a light on DeMarcus Smith, and remake the viral video that altered his life forever. It is both a journalistic feat and a touching film.

On “Bajablast,” the pair did what they each do best: Maxx made the stimulating video and led creative direction, and Titty spat heat and hit The Rick Dance. The end product is the creation of Tittygang, BASED rapper, another addition to their vast creative worlds.