Pitching Guidelines

No Bells is a space for both new and experienced music writers to grow and experiment with voice and form. As of 2023, we are able to pay contributors $50-100 based on the scope of the piece, thanks to our Patreon supporters. If this all floats your boat, here are some guidelines to follow when pitching No Bells. Please email mano@nobells.blog and millan@nobells.blog with the subject “NO BELLS PITCH” and 200 words or less. One of us will get back to you.

  • Answer a question. “I want to write about YN Jay’s new album Coochie Chronicles” “I want to unpack what YN Jay’s new album Coochie Chronicles says about the mainstreaming of Flint hip-hop right now.”

  • If you want to interview someone, what do you want to ask them about? Is there an underdiscussed/underappreciated angle to their art that you want to investigate?

  • “Pegs” (especially album anniversaries) do not matter and time is a flat circle. New music is music you haven’t heard. We don’t care if the album “just came out” or is 17 years old, so long as you have an interesting angle.

  • Go crazy with form! We accept traditional interviews, reviews, listening guides, but also poetry, personal essays, anything really. We have a column called Bells & Whistles in which we’ve published all of these things. If you think it might work, pitch it!

  • If you have a link to some writing you’re proud of, feel free to share it. If not, that’s ok too.