Town Hall 2

We’re doing another reading in Brooklyn.

Art by Tyler Farmer.

MILLAN: Maybe, it will make us feel better to congregate in an unassuming white walled room and just…have fun? A lofty proposition nowadays, but I’m convinced we can make it happen. Picture this: three writers who hold the most advanced worldviews you could possibly conceive, whose dedication to revealing the cultural undertones of our day-to-day lives is matched only by the late Boethius and Madame de Beauvoir, present in the flesh, feet on the same ground as ours, reading aloud with their OWN voices from scrolls that have only known life in cyberspace. Join us in welcoming these works to America, to our caustic physical world where they disappear at the speed of sound but somehow live forever in the minds of those who are quick enough to catch it…

And if you, too, have trouble mustering joviality in this age of sludge, worry not, for libations will be flowing all night. Beers will be icy cold, the wine will taste splendid, and the prices will make you forget inflation ever existed. 

It is a night of celebration. A night of loud music. A night of c’est la vie and why the hell not. 

The best way to mock impending doom is by laughing in its face…

We hope to see you there. 

Thursday, January 25th, 8:00pm – 11:00pm

The Living Gallery: 1094 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

Purchase tickets here.

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